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TEFL’ing in Phuket

Choosing Phuket as the location to complete a TEFL course is a very smart decision. There is a demand for English teachers throughout Thailand, so you’ll be spoilt for choice of jobs. The Thai people will make you welcome and you will probably find you end up staying a lot longer than planned! This is no surprise when you consider that Phuket has some of the best beaches in the world and a very laid-back way of life, providing foreign English teachers with a great combination of work and play.

If you choose to teach English as a foreign language, you have made a great career choice. When going to a foreign country for an extended stay it is important that you feel that you will be supported with everything from socialising to paperwork problems, getting paid and issues with your visa. You can be sure of good backup if you work with a reputable school, and that’s when choosing the right TEFL training organisation will pay off – in ensuring that you can get the best jobs at the best schools.

Staying in Phuket or one of the other larger cities of Thailand is advisable, because then you will have more opportunities to meet other TEFL teachers and more choices of where to work. For example, you can choose between language schools, private home tuition, state schools, resorts and more. There are also more activities for you to fill your spare time. The larger towns like Phuket and Chiang Mai, and the capital Bangkok have so much going on that you will never be short of something to keep you occupied. Alternatively, you could choose to stay by the coast down south and spend your weekends scuba diving or sunning yourself on the beach. Choosing a reputable organisation like TEFLPlus for your teacher training is vital if you are going to enjoy your stay in Thailand.

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