Thai Foundation course, 14 Jan 19

Welcome to our new students in ‘Thai Foundation course, group began yesterday (14 Jan 19)

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Last English group course in 2018

Our last group for English Elementary and Pre-intermediate course in 2018. Wish you all happy new year.

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German A1 course, 24 Dec 18

Welcome to our new students in ‘German A1 course, began on 24 Dec 2018 😊😊

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Thai Foundation and German A1 course, 12 Nov 18

Welcome to our new students in ‘Thai Foundation course’ and ‘German A1 course, began this morning (12 Nov 2018) 😊😊

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Congratulations to German A1 course students (9 Nov 18)

Congratulations to our ‘German A1’ students, completed their class today (9 Nov 18)! 👏👏👏

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English for Thais course, 1 Oct 18

This is our latest of ‘English for Thais’ Level 1 to 8, began on Monday 1 October 18.      

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English for All, Level 10 & 11

These are our students in ‘English for All course’ Level 10 & 11 this week.  

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Thai Foundation course, 3 Sep 18

Welcome to our new students in ‘Thai Foundation course’, began on Monday 3 September 2018 😊😊

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Thai Intensive course, 27 Aug 18

Welcome to our new students in ‘Thai Intensive course’, began on Monday 27 August 2018 😊😊

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Private English lessons

Welcome to our new student in Private English class. With private lessons you can set your own schedule – you can choose to have just a few lessons per week!

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