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Our language study books

All books are available for sale in our online bookshop

English for Thai learners

Our team of master word-slingers have created a series of study books for Thai beginner students. The first book in the series is ‘Read English’, for those who need to start with the basics (free online audio is available for this book). Next in the series is ‘English Foundation’, which teaches correct sentence construction and works up to telling the time, asking and answering questions etc. The final 8 course books are our ‘Easy-Going English’ which advance gradually, ensuring students receive a complete grounding in the use of basic, everyday English. We include plenty of exercises in each book so students can put what they’ve learned to the test.

Thai language study books

We produce our own sought-after and much-copied range of study books for learning to speak, read and write Thai. Our conversational Thai books using phonetics are perfect for anyone who wants to focus solely on speaking Thai. If you’re eager to try your hand at writing Thai, we have a series of books to help you do just that. We promise it’s so much easier than you think!

English For All and private English lessons

Patong Language School publishes our very own pre-elementary materials, comprising 2 study books and 2 work books. Our study books introduce students to fundamental grammar using relevant and engaging content, while the work books contain a range of exercises to revise and build upon this.

We use the best-selling New Headway series for our Elementary and Pre-Intermediate courses. These books combine the best of traditional methods with current techniques, using a clear and structured approach to grammar.

For students who take private lessons, we have a huge range of materials available for all levels. Your teacher will help you choose the best book based on your level and personal learning objectives.

German and Japanese languages

Our expert linguists have designed books for German and Japanese language study, covering a range of levels. Beyond these we have a wide range of books to choose from. Your teacher will help you pick out the right materials for you.