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German language lessons

German A1 course

33,500 Baht

Group lessons
Beginner level
20 lessons/week
12 weeks duration

Private lessons

575 Baht

One-on-One tuition
Beginner to Advanced
Minimum 3 lessons/week
Unlimited duration

What is the course starting level?

This course is for Beginner level learners to prepare for and pass the Start Deutsch A1 exam as required for issue of a visa to reside in Germany.

Can anyone join the German A1 course?

Students must know the Latin alphabet (a,b,c…). We recommend a free preparatory visit for a chat and a short test if you are uncertain.

How many students are there in a class?

There are a maximum of 12 places for each German A1 course.

How long is the course, and how many lessons?

The Deutsch A1 course is 180+60 lessons. This is 3+1 lessons per day, Monday to Friday, for 12 weeks. Each lesson is 50 minutes in duration.

What does “+1” lesson mean?

After each day’s 3-hour block of teacher instruction, the students work together for an extra hour on homework and exercises.

What study materials are used?

The course uses Patong Language School’s Deutsch A1 book, which is compiled from a summary of previous A1 tests, is clearly structured, has ample grammar references, as well as plenty of listening and speaking practice.

How much is the German A1 course?

The cost is just 33,500 Baht for 240 lessons over three months.

Is it possible to join a German A1 course that has already begun?

Yes, but our course tutor will need to assess the student to assess their ability. Some extra private tuition may be required at additional cost.

Would I still have to pay the total price?

No, your total price would have the unused lessons deducted pro rata.

What happens if I am unable to attend classes?

You should always try to attend. Missed lessons are not reimbursed and cannot be made up.

What if I fail the Deutsch A1 test?

Then you just repeat our course for FREE. This offer is only valid if the student attends classes regularly (3 days of absence are allowed) and is subject to availability of places in the class.

What if I want to repeat the course?

It is possible to do half or all of the course again, and you’ll get a 30% discount for re-study.

When does the German A1 course begin?

A new ‘Start Deutsch A1’ course begins every 6 weeks.

The next 12 course start dates:

How many students are there in a Private German class?

Private tuition is one-on-one, but two or more persons can book together to make a small private German class.

When are the classes?

Private German classes can start any day at any time, depending on teacher availability.

Note: classes are Monday to Friday only.

Each lesson is 50 minutes in duration. No more than 2 lessons per day are recommended, unless you are on a tight schedule.

What study materials are used?

We have a selection of German study materials available depending on your language level and goals.

How much does it cost?

Private German lessons with a native-German speaking teacher cost 575 Baht per lesson, so 20 lessons costs 11,500 Baht.

At 1 lesson per day, a block of 20 lessons will take 4 weeks to complete, but remember the speed of study is up to you!

Classes for 2 students or more cost 375 Baht per student per lesson.