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Our teachers

and their qualifications

We aim to please

We want you to have the best learning experience possible, so only the best teachers will do. We’re very selective about who joins our team, so if they’ve made the cut you know they’re outstanding!

The right teacher

Whilst we employ full-time native-speaking teachers for each language, experience has taught us that most Thai students in the beginner and lower levels actually learn English faster if their classes are taught by qualified Thai instructors. For this reason, our English for Thai Learners course is taught exclusively by experienced Thai teachers, giving the students the skills and confidence to go on to study with native-speaking teachers at higher levels.

Our multilingual teachers also offer more possibilities – for example beginner Japanese students have the additional options of learning English or Thai with a Japanese teacher and German-speaking students can choose to learn English or Thai with a German teacher on request.

We’re a smart bunch

All PLS teachers have a bachelor’s degree or higher, have completed an approved teacher education program (TEFL etc) and are approved by the Ministry of Education. It’s not in our nature to stand still, so we have ongoing reviews, internal training and regular upskilling sessions for all our teachers.

Inspirational teachers to motivate you

We know that great language teachers make all the difference to your study progress. PLS trains its own teachers in its own methods, which allows us to ensure every teacher meets the grade. Personality is as important as teaching skill, so a lot of thought goes into choosing who will be part of our crew. All Patong Language School teachers are exceptional in their ability to motivate and inspire you to learn.