Good trainers and bad
[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]word of warning to would-be TEFL’ers looking for a course in Phuket: some TEFL trainers are not trainers at all.

[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]e already knew that some of the trainers on the island were of dubious qualification, but it has just come to this writer’s attention that one particular TEFL provider in Phuket employs a totally inexperienced trainer. So inexperienced in fact, that he just completed a TEFL course himself last year! Suddenly he is now qualified to train you. Consider that for a moment; a trainer who only entered the industry less than 12 months ago, has limited experience in front of a class of students, and HE is going to train YOU to be a teacher.

[dropcap2]O[/dropcap2]uch! You’d better be careful when you are looking at Phuket TEFL course providers. Seems some of them are prepared to go to any lengths to take your hard-earned cash.

[dropcap2]J[/dropcap2]ust to be safe and sure, contact TEFLPlus, or better still drop by and sit-in on a course for as long as you like. We know you won’t be disappointed with our trainers.

p.s. the ‘trainer’ in question brought a friend to enrol on the TEFLPlus course last month, that’s how we know it’s true … strange he didn’t feel qualified to train his own friend, but then he already knew we would do a better job because he’d been through our own course himself. It’s an odd world.