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Our cast-iron guarantee

You don’t find TEFL providers offering money back guarantees – wonder why not?

It can only be because they are not confident of their premises, trainers, materials, and everything else you get to see on day one of the course. Usually, up until this point all you have seen is a website and had some email correspondence.

Just for a laugh, try asking a TEFL training provider if they will give you a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied after day one of the course. That means a full course refund without quibbles and conditions!

Now you’ll find out exactly how confident they are of their course, trainer and facilities! Just wait to hear the excuses and reasons why it is just not possible. Try this as many times as you can – we are quite sure you won’t get a satisfactory answer.

However, TEFLPlus is very confident and we put our money where our mouth is. If you enrol on our course and you are not satisfied at the end of day one, then you can quit the course and we will refund your course fee 100% on the spot. No hassle, no questions, no conditions.

We think this is a very reasonable offer and we hope you do too.