TEFL accreditation, what accreditation?
[dropcap2]D[/dropcap2]oes it really matter if a TEFL course is accredited? Many course providers throw the term ‘accredited’ around quite freely, but what does that mean if there isn’t really a moderating body? Or if there is an accrediting body, did they really review or audit the course? There is no independent, international accrediting standard for TEFL courses, so most TEFL providers come up with their own solutions.

[dropcap2]S[/dropcap2]ome get ‘associated’ with a university, but their courses don’t get inspected. One particular international TEFL provider even invented their own moderating body, but got caught out! The truth is they are all lacking in independent moderation, and they all overlook the single most important fact: their courses are offered in Thailand, are approved by the Thai Ministry of Education, and should be constantly reviewed and audited by the ministry. That is exactly what we do at TEFLPlus.

[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]e are very different. TEFLPlus is the only TEFL training course in Thailand to have been audited and approved by specialists from the Thai Ministry of Education head office. Every aspect of our operation was looked at in great detail over a 2-day inspection by 3 auditors in June 2009. This included school management and administration, facilities, resources, marketing and accounting, trainer development, curriculum, etc. TEFLPlus passed with flying colours and is presently the first and only TEFL training provider in Thailand to have passed the Ministry of Education’s Quality Assessment System. This rigorous procedure is our assurance to you that you will receive the highest quality of training at a reasonable price from Thailand’s leading provider.

[dropcap2]S[/dropcap2]o, if you are looking at a competitor’s course, ask them about accreditation then check it out thoroughly.

TEFLPlus – head and shoulders above the rest.

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