why learn Thai?

As Thai is spoken only by around 60 million Thai people and hardly at all outside Thailand’s borders, this may seem a very good question. How can learning Thai be useful? How will you benefit from speaking Thai, never mind reading it?

Thailand is an exciting, beautiful, exotic country, having scenery ranging from breathtaking mountains and rain-forests to gorgeous sandy beaches. Probably the greatest reason anyone learns Thai is to travel around this amazing country and to meet the warm, friendly people who live here. Tourists who visit Bangkok and the main tourist destinations such as Pattaya will miss out on the chance to hear Thai. Tourist resorts are filled with foreigners speaking your language and Thais speaking English. Get off the beaten track though, and you will soon discover that you don’t have a chance to speak your mother tongue and you will hear Thai spoken everywhere you go.

Knowing the language lets you to visit sites on your own and at your own pace and without having to rely on a tour guide or interpreter. This applies just as well to a busy fresh market as it does to a small village temple. Learning Thai lets you appreciate this rich, beautiful culture in a way the average tourists can never imagine.

It goes without saying that if you live here for work or retirement, then speaking the Thai language is a must. How can you live in a foreign country and not be able to communicate with your hosts?

Learning Thai is a lot easier than most people think. Most students can hold a simple conversation inside the first two months of study, and those who choose to learn to read are able to read street signs and menus inside a few short weeks.

Find out for yourself how easy this fascinating language is by enrolling for a few lessons now.