The Winter Blues

This is not an enjoyable time of year to be living in the UK. Wind, rain, and maybe snow and ice, from November right through to March. Those lucky enough to be retired and on a pension can escape for a few months to sunny Spain, dodge the worst of the winter and come back with the arrival of spring. Those still counting on their monthly salary don’t have this option – but there is a way! Take a TEFL course and get yourself somewhere warmer! If you’d rather be sunning yourself on the beach than digging the car out of the snow, then read on.

A degree is not a necessity to find work as an English teacher overseas, but you will need training and that’s where a TEFL course comes in. The course will prepare you for life as a teacher, and give you the skills and confidence to get in front of a class of students, wherever that may be. There are many opportunities for teachers in Asia, Africa, South America and even Europe where you can teach English as a foreign language.

Phuket, Thailand has to be the perfect destination to take your TEFL certificate training, and Patong Beach is the jewel in the crown. TEFLPlus offers courses year-round, so there’s bound to be a date to suit you. The cost of living in Thailand is significantly lower than it is in Britain, so the expense of staying for 4 weeks while you do your training won’t break the bank, and best of all you will experience a life changing culture and a new way of life.

Just imagine, you could be teaching a class in Thailand before finishing work in the early afternoon, taking a walk down to the beach and dipping your feet in the crystal clear sea while your old colleagues back home are wading through slushy snow and rain. Now, isn’t that paradise?