PLS would like to welcome our Thai Foundation Course students

A warm welcome to our June 6th Thai Foundation Course students. We have a great group of new students currently taking our latest introductory Thai course. You can see them all hard at work with the guidance of Khun Tin.

Our Thai Foundation Course is designed to get students speaking on day one and gives students a good grounding in the basics of the Thai language at an easily manageable pace. At three classes per day, three days per week, and a course duration of two weeks, students can expect to be able to communicate in positive and negative statements as well as questions. Numbers and counting is also covered which comes in handy when bargaining at local markets. There are many other topics are covered such as the verb “to be,” possessives, telling time, days of the week and more.

Students that complete this course usually move on to our Easy Going or Intensive courses where they have the option to learn to read and write in Thai. Sound interesting? Enroll today!