Practice your Thai listening skills by watching Thai TV online

Learning Thai can be a challenging and equally rewarding experience. Being a tonal language, new learners usually find it hard to distinguish the sounds from the tones. For instance, “Mai mai mai mai mai?” properly spoken in Thai roughly translates to “New wood doesn’t burn, does it?”

One way to practice listening skills is by watching a Thai series or the Thai news. If you are not currently in Thailand or if you are at home and currently enrolled in one of our on-line Thai courses, there’s still a way. Most of the major Thai broadcasters have websites where you can find video streams of all the latest programs. Two popular channels are Channel 7 and Channel 5. Many of the evening shows are extremely popular in Thailand. The acting is often exaggerated compared to western standards, so even new learners will be able to follow along.

practice thai listening skills by watching thai channel five streaming on the internet