The BBC have always had a whole section of their website dedicated to learning.  You can find study tips for your G.C.S.E’s, a whole resource centre for teachers, podcasts, maths tests and even tips on how to improve your cooking technique.

Now you have the opportunity to learn a new language via the BBC.  They have a host of 12-week programmes that will teach you the basics of a language.  They offer a phrase of the day in 4 different languages, they provide weekly email reminders to make sure you keep up with your studying and you can also watch some video clips of funny tales of tourists abroad.  They have debates on whether learning a new language is worthwhile and give you the opportunity to find news and download transcripts from BBC language programmes.

If you are interested in learning a new language and can’t make it all the way to Phuket to see us, why not take a look at the BBC website to see if they have a language course that suits you.