Patong Language School has re-opened after our longest holiday of the year, and our first day has been very busy welcoming back old students and greeting many new ones. Many new courses began today; our ever-popular Thai Foundation course for beginners has 4 new students, a 2-week TEFL course with six eager trainees, a 4-week TEFL course with nine trainees from every corner of the world, and our English for Thai Learners group classes saw many students take up the challenge of learning English. Our long-term students in English For All and Easy-Going Thai were glad to be back in class after the Songkhran break.

Our first day back had an unusual exciting moment when we were hit by an earthquake! Yes, right here in Phuket, centred on Srisuntorn in Thalang we had a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. Many thought it was an aftershock from Wednesday’s quake in Sumatra, but it turned out be a lot more local. Experts say that the Sumatra quake has triggered the Kloing Marui fault which runs through Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and Surat Thani. Fingers crossed that it’s all over now.

If you’d like to learn Thai or English, or maybe thinking of becoming an English teacher so you can live and work in Thailand, why not drop by to see how we can help? With a bit of luck the building won’t be shaking …