A new Foundation course began on Monday for beginners wanting an introduction to Thai. This class caters from 1 to 12 students and this time lucky Liza is the only student on the course (one on one lessons!).

We were very happy to hear that she enjoyed her lessons so much on Monday that the time flew by. That’s always a good sign! Liza’s knowledge after just one day of course is impressive. She already knows many basic verbs, all the pronouns and was putting sentences together on Wednesday morning, her second day of the course.

Liza taught English in Thailand many years ago and is thinking about doing so again. She felt that having very little knowledge of the Thai language last time was a disadvantage so decided to take a course this year to brush up on her skills. After she completes the 2 week Foundation course next week, she will move on to Easy Going classes which will be a great help to her as each week covers a new, useful subject.

For more information about our Thai language courses, click here. Even if you’re the only student enrolled, we’ll still be more than happy to teach you!