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Getting around Phuket

Phuket is a great place to explore, with its secluded beaches, bustling markets, local villages and lively festivals. So what’s the best way to get around the island?

Renting or buying a scooter is definitely the cheapest and most convenient option. Many tour shops and guesthouses will rent out motorbikes from 150 Baht per day and if you hunt around, you can buy a second hand scooter for around 15,000 Baht. But driving a motorbike on Phuket’s roads is not for everyone. The chaotic traffic and different road rules (not that everyone sticks to them) can be overwhelming for newcomers, so if you don’t feel confident driving here, stick to other modes of transport.

Motorbike taxis are a cheap alternative – the drivers are easy to spot with their coloured vests and there’s no shortage of them in Patong. I’ve used them many times before and my drivers have always been careful. Be sure to negotiate and agree on the price beforehand.

Taxis tend to be more expensive so try to travel with others when you can, to split the cost. Always take a registered taxi – registered taxis will have yellow stickers on either side, displaying the name of the owner and the complaint number. As with motorbike taxis, agree on the price before you get in the car.

If you do feel comfortable driving a motorbike here, make sure you always wear a helmet. I cannot stress that enough. If the police catch you without one, you’ll be fined – but more importantly, it’s for your own safety. For more tips on driving in Phuket and avoiding unwanted fines, check out ‘Drive legally in Phuket’.

Whatever mode of transport you choose, get out there and explore! Phuket is a beautiful island and there’s so much here for you to discover.