Did you know that Patong Language School is approved by CSN in Sweden? That means that Swedish students can get financial support, including loans and grants, to learn Thai with us here in Patong. We help them in obtaining an ED visa, so they don’t have to go on any visa runs while they’re studying.

Our CSN students take the Intensive Thai course for 13 weeks or more, where they learn to speak, read and write Thai with 20 lessons each week.

Emma was able to get financial aid from CSN and has been taking the course for the past 5 months – she just has 1 more month to go. If you sit in on one of her lessons, you will rarely hear a word of English spoken. She is now able to carry out entire conversations in Thai, as well as read and understand Thai script.

Watch the video below to hear Emma talk about the course and what she’s learned so far.