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How much does it cost to live in Phuket? – Part 1

Living costs in Thailand

If you’re planning an extended trip or a move to Phuket, you’ll no doubt want to know what the living costs are like over here. Of course, it varies greatly depending on each person’s lifestyle but expenses are generally much cheaper in Thailand compared to many other countries around the world, so you can expect your money to stretch further over here.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we asked a few of our students and staff to share their average monthly spending with us.

Today Becky, our school Coordinator, talks about her living costs.

How much do you spend each month on the following:

  • Accommodation: “5,500 Baht per month. I live in a studio apartment in Kathu, about 20 minutes drive from Patong. It’s relatively new and fully furnished, with a building manager on site daily to sort out any problems, security guards and a swipe entry system. It’s just 5 minutes drive to Central shopping mall and there are heaps of restaurants and food vendors, as well as a few pharmacies, in the immediate area.”
  • Utility bills: “I pay 150 Baht for water, WiFi is free at my apartment and my average electricity bill is around 1,000 Baht (as long as I don’t use the aircon too much).”
  • Transportation: “I drive a Fino scooter (which cost me 15,000 Baht second hand) and I spend about 500 Baht per month on gas.”
  • Food: “I would guess I spend around 3,000 Baht on food but it varies from month to month. My meals can cost anything from 40 Baht (local restaurants and street vendors) to 200 Baht (if I’m splashing out on Mexican).”
  • Nightlife and entertainment: “Around 1,000 Baht each month. I’ll meet friends in Phuket Town for a couple of drinks once or twice a month, maybe go see a movie.”