Alex, English teacher at PLSPLS is excited to welcome Alex to our outstanding team of English teachers!

After earning his degree at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada, Alex decided a change of scenery was needed. He’d always wanted to live on a tropical island so the decision to move to Phuket was an easy one and he immediately signed up for the Advanced TEFL course with TEFLPlus.

Since arriving in Phuket in January, Alex has made the most of everything this beautiful island has to offer – any chance he gets he’s out diving, fishing, swimming, hiking, running and brushing up on his Thai language skills (still a work in progress).

He’d never been to Thailand before he moved here but he admits it’s a dream come true, “the climate, the ocean, culture and language” are the best things about living here.

We’re delighted to have Alex on the team. If you see him around be sure to say hello!