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Anyone can learn to read and write Thai

One of our Easy Going Thai classes recently began learning to read and write in Thai script.

This is their fifth week of reading/writing lessons (2 lessons per day, 2 days per week) and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve already achieved in this time! Under Khruu Tin’s expert instruction, the students have already learned a number of Thai characters, can read and understand simple stories, and write various words and phrases.

Don’t be intimidated by the different characters in Thai script – it’s actually much easier to learn than you think! Our Easy Going course teaches you how to read and write Thai at a steady pace – we don’t throw everything at you at once. Once you have learned to read Thai, you’ll find that your vocabulary will increase too.

If you’d like to give it a go yourself, simply fill in our enrollment form and we’ll be in touch to confirm the cost and get you started.

Learning to read Thai with PLS Read Thai in the Easy Going course at PLS Read and write Thai at PLS Learning to write Thai at PLS Write in Thai in the Easy Going course at PLS An Easy Going student writes in Thai