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Loy Krathong Festival, November 6, 2014

Loy Krathong festival

Tomorrow, November 6, is Loy Krathong. ‘Loy’ means to float and ‘Krathong’ is the name of the lotus-shaped rafts used in the festival.

It’s a day to offer thanks to the Water Goddess and apologise for polluting the water. It’s also to a chance to send away your bad luck and ask for good luck for the future.

Many tourists and locals will head to Patong Beach tomorrow night to send away their krathong and light up flying lanterns from the sand.

Anyone can take part in this beautiful festival – just head to a beach, lake or river after sunset and you’ll find vendors selling all kinds of krathong. First light the incense and the candle, then say a prayer or make a wish and push your krathong out on the water, watching your bad luck float away.