Get a CSN grant to study Thai with us

Did you know that Patong Language School is CSN approved? That’s right, Swedish students can apply for a CSN grant or loan to learn Thai with us here in Phuket!

Thailand remains a popular destination for Swedish nationals, with hundreds of thousands visiting each year to soak up the sunshine. And each year PLS welcomes new and returning students from Sweden who are able to study with us thanks to the support of CSN-Högskoleverket.

Get a CSN grant to learn Thai in Phuket Get a CSN grant to learn Thai in Phuket Get a CSN grant to learn Thai in Phuket








With 4 lessons each day, our CSN-approved Intensive course is the perfect balance of study and play. In the classroom, you’ll learn to speak, read and write Thai with our experienced Thai teachers. Outside the classroom, the island is your oyster and with weekends off you can even explore other parts of Thailand, putting your new-found language skills to good use.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and embark on a new adventure with Patong Language School.


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