Did you enjoy the week off? We sure did but we’re excited to be back with a bunch of new courses this week.

Our ‘English for Thais’ course began on Monday, with the Level 1 class fully booked. If you missed out this time, you won’t have to wait too long – the next class starts on 1 May.

New English for Thais course, April 2017

The Level 9 ‘English for All course also started on Monday. Our Level 9 course is a 4-week course aimed at beginner level students. In just a few more weeks the students will be ready to move up to Level 10 (Elementary).

English course for beginners in Phuket

Another one to begin this week was our 12-week German A1 course, with six new students signed up. Their teacher, Kristian, will help them prepare for the Deutsch A1 exam.

German A1 course in Phuket, 2017

We only close for two weeks each year (one week for New Year and one week for Songkran) so we’ll be open for the rest of 2017 without any more breaks (we don’t close on public holidays).

You can find a list of start dates for each course on our website – just go to the ‘courses’ page and select the language you want to study.