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get an education ED visa in Phuket

ED visa without leaving Thailand

If you need an education ED visa, the deadline is looming for anyone still in Thailand with the free extension granted by Thai Immigration. The new cutoff date is September 26 and Immigration have stated categorically that there will NOT be another grace period. If you want to stay, then an ED visa is the most cost-effective and easiest way to remain in Thailand indefinitely.

Don’t leave it too late! To get your ED visa issued before the September 26 cutoff, you need to start the application process by the end of August. Don’t miss out!

Contact us now and we’ll process your ED visa before the final date. You DON’T need to leave Thailand and you DON’T need to study if you don’t want to. How easy is that?

Prices start at 25,000 Baht including all Immigration Dept. fees.