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Our new Thai books in paperback

We’re proud to announce the release of our two new paperbacks; Speak Thai Today and Read & Write Thai Today. These are beginner-level books aimed at new learners of the Thai language.

Both books are available in Asia Books stores throughout Thailand and from our own office. They’ll be available soon in Kinokuniya and B2S. Links to buy online are shown below the books.

Read & Write Thai Today

The Quickest & Easiest Method to Learn to Read Thai. Read Your First Thai Word on the Very First Day!

Read and Write Thai Today is a comprehensive Thai course with free sound files to help you learn the correct pronunciation. Using our method developed and proven over 40 years of use in a busy language school, you’ll be reading your first Thai word on the very first day! Suitable for both self-study or to work alongside a teacher or friend. Just an hour a day for a couple of weeks is enough to crack the code and read Thai.

Suitable for beginners and learners who can already speak Thai.

  • Step-by-step progress.
  • Clear and simple explanations.
  • FREE online audio for the entire book.
  • FREE writing practice download sheets.
  • Covers everything you need to read anything.

If you’ve tried and failed to read Thai before, give our book a go and be surprised how quickly you progress.

You can buy from our own online bookshop here.

You can buy from Asia Books online here.

You can buy on here.

Speak Thai Today

A Complete Thai Language Course. From Beginner to Conversational Speaker the Easy Way!

This is a complete Thai language course in one book. An easy-to-use study book for either self-study or to work with a teacher or friend. No phrases. Learn by building your own sentences from the very first lesson. FREE online audio, video, exercises and quizzes.

Our simple teaching method has been developed over the last 40 years at our leading language school in Phuket. Clear, step-by-step approach to learning the language. Build your skills as you progress through the book. No complicated explanations! We keep it simple to help you learn quickly. From the very first day you’ll be learning how to speak Thai, and before you know it you’ll be speaking like a local!

Learn by example. Simple explanations followed by plenty of examples to make sure you grasp the language by using it. Using simple phonetics so you can get started right away, we also include Thai script for a teacher or friend to help you out. We include essential vocabulary in the course along with appendices of the most common words in Thai.

You can buy from our own online bookshop here.

You can buy from Asia Books online here.

You can buy on here.