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You will require a TM30 residence registration for your visa application at Phuket immigration. This should be provided by the hotel, guesthouse, condo, villa or house owner.

Below is an example of a TM30 residence registration printed from a desktop or laptop computer.

Below is an example of a TM30 residence registration screenshot from a mobile phone.

If you cannot get a TM30 for any reason, then you will need 1. a copy of your rental contract 2. a signed copy of the owner’s Thai ID card 3. a signed copy of the house registration book for the property.

Please wear the same clothes in all three photos.

You must also provide 3 photographs of you at home. One should be outside showing the name of the hotel or condo, like this:

If you have rented a private house with no name, then take an exterior photo like this:

The second photo should show you with the hotel room number, condo unit number, or house number, like these:

The final photo should show you inside the premises, like these: