With Thailand preparing for ASEAN integration, this is now a crucial time for Thai people to improve their English language skills. Come 2015, the doors will open for foreign nationals from the other member states to work in Thailand.

With the tourist industry in Phuket booming, the best jobs are usually snapped up by those with superior English language skills and competition for these jobs is only set to increase once the ASEAN Economic Community is established. Taking an English language course and improving their skills can give Thais a real advantage when finding a good job.

Our English for Thais course is designed especially for beginner Thai students who want to learn English. Classes are taught by experienced Thai teachers and cover the alphabet, spelling, reading, questions and correct sentence construction. There are 8 levels in total and with each level, the student’s vocabulary will increase. By the end of level 8, students are ready to move on to classes with a native English speaker.

Our next English for Thais course starts on Monday 18 March and there are still places available. To book the course, just fill in our online enrollment form or send an email to patonglanguageschool.info@gmail.com.

English course for Thai students