If you want your Baht to go further, low season is the best time to come to Phuket. Hotels across the island have already dropped their rates and you’re sure to find some fantastic bargains if you shop around. Typically the number of tourists visiting the island is lower from May to September, so everyone is competing for guests – from family-run guesthouses to luxurious five star resorts.

With fewer tourists on the island, you’re likely to get better deals on other things too. A trip to the weekend market could mean reduced prices for souvenirs and goods. Hiring a longtail boat to take you to one of the nearby islands for a fun day trip also works out to be a lot cheaper in low season (don’t be afraid to bargain the price down).

Don’t be put off by the “rainy season” label. Yes, it does rain more this time of year but it doesn’t rain every day. You’re just as likely to need your sunblock as you are your umbrella! In fact, if you’re wondering about the weather, you can easily keep track of it on Jamie’s Phuket Weather Blog which is updated regularly.

Fewer tourists, uncrowded beaches, cheap accommodation. Yes, low season is a great time to come to Phuket.

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