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It’s exam day!

At the end of each level of our ‘English for Thais’ course, students must take a test to determine if they’re ready to move up to the next level.

Today is the last day of the course, so that means it’s exam day! Our Level 1 students arrived at school early and eager to get started on their end-of-level test.

English course for Beginners

Level 1 students with their certificates

Many of our Level 7 students took both Level 7 and Level 8 simultaneously (the classes are at different times), so they had two tests to complete today.

Level 8, English for Thais course

Level 8 students with their certificates

After completing all 8 levels of our ‘English for Thais’ course, students can then move up to the Level 9 ‘English for All’ course, with twice the number of lessons each week and all classes taught by a native English teacher.

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