Education (ED) visa

ED education visa process in detail

get a free Thailand ED visa when you study at Patong Language School

A 50% deposit is required (100% payment for 3-month courses) and a copy of your passport to commence your application for a Thailand ED visa. We will also need some personal details: your job, your address, your parents’ names, and your monthly budget for your stay in Thailand. We will send you a link to an online form to be completed.

There are 5 steps to getting a Thailand ED visa
  1. Enrol with Patong Language School for at least a 3-month language course in Phuket
  2. The school will apply for a visa letter from the Ministry of Education
  3. You apply for your ED visa while outside of Thailand
  4. The Ministry of Education certify your enrolment in Phuket
  5. You apply for ED visa extensions at the Phuket immigration office for the duration of your language course. A visa extension fee must be paid to the Immigration office each time, but no ‘visa runs’ are required.
Where is the visa issued?

PLS can provide documents for an ED visa application.

  1. If you book your language course with us before coming to Thailand, then you can apply for your ED visa outside Thailand also. We can provide a letter to support your ED visa application at a consulate or embassy. You will be able to get a 90-day ED visa, which can be extended further in Phuket.
  2. If you are already in Thailand and would like to change from a ‘B’ visa or tourist visa, then you require some documents from our school and a letter issued by the local education office to present at a consulate or embassy outside Thailand when applying for your ED visa.
Minimum study hours to qualify

We assist in arranging Thailand ED visas for students that study languages with us full-time. This means a minimum of four lessons per week.

  • 3 months (48 lessons)
  • 6 months (96 lessons)
  • 12 months (200 lessons)
The required documents
  • passport
  • passport photo
  • school documents (license and letter)
  • receipt for your course from our school
  • completed application form
  • other documents depending on the Thai Embassy/Consulate where you will apply for ED visa

Frequently asked questions about Thailand ED visas

Do I have to get an ED visa to study a language in Phuket?

No, it is possible to study even on a tourist visa. If you decide to stay longer than 3 months to study, we will be happy to help with your Thailand ED visa application.

Do you guarantee that I will get an ED visa?

We can’t guarantee it, but your course fee is fully refundable if your ED visa application is declined. We do not give refunds once ED visas have been issued or you have started your classes.

What nationalities can apply?

Anyone can apply for an ED visa, but persons from any country in Africa, Middle East or South Asia are often rejected. Some nationalities are required to apply for the ED visa only at a Thai embassy in their home country – please check before travelling.

How much does the ED visa cost?

The fee for a single entry ED visa is around 2,500 Baht, depending on where you apply. Students who are studying for more than 3 months must also pay a visa extension fee to the Phuket Immigration office – the total amount will depend on the length of your studies.

Can I change my tourist visa or type B visa for an ED visa in Thailand?

Sorry, it is not possible to change visa types within Thailand. You will have to make a trip to a neighbouring country to do this. We can provide the necessary paperwork to apply for a change to ED visa at the consulate in Penang, Malaysia.

How long does it take to get the documentation for the Thailand ED visa?

Once you have enrolled for a language course we will make an application to the local Education Office. It takes them about 4-6 weeks to issue the letter you will need to submit with your ED visa application. Once you arrive back in Thailand you will be stamped for a 90-day stay. Extensions can be made in Phuket town after this without making visa runs to the border.

Do I have to report to Immigration?

As with any non-immigrant visa, it is necessary to report to the Immigration department every 90 days. This is a formality which takes a short time and does not cost anything.

How long can I study on an ED visa?

You can study for 3 months or longer on an ED visa. Please contact the school directly for the most up-to-date information about the maximum duration of an ED visa.

Is it possible leave Thailand once I have an ED visa?

You can leave Thailand but your ED visa will be invalidated if you do not obtain a re-entry permit before exiting. This should be applied for at the Immigration Department in Phuket Town and there is a small charge. The re-entry permit allows you to re-enter with the unused portion of your ED visa reactivated (not extended).

Is it possible to work with an ED visa?

You cannot work on an ED visa. If you find work in Thailand you must apply for a non-immigrant O or B visa and a work permit.

Can I re-apply for an ED visa?

This will depend on how many ED visas you have had, what language you studied and how long you studied for. Contact us with the details of your studies and we will let you know what your options are.

Can I change schools and keep my ED visa?

Sorry, no. Phuket Education office does not allow students to keep their ED visa when changing school. You will have to apply for another ED visa outside Thailand. Contact us and we will let you know what your options are.

Do I have to make visa runs?

No, you don’t need to leave Thailand for the duration of your visa.